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Dr. Yuanli Liu | February Activities

On February 2, 2019, Dr. Liu Yuanli was invited to the Global Public Health Interdisciplinary Research Forum co-held by University of California, Los Angeles and Chinese Academy of Sciences.

The Forum focuses on the major challenges in the field of public health and scholars, specialized in genomics, nutrition, traditional Chinese medicine, epidemiology, public health policy, and management, and etc., as attendees exchanged their experiences and latest achievements.

On February 9, 2019, Dr. Liu was invited to visit New Bridge on the Charles, a high-end nursing home located at a Boston suburb. With a history of 100 years, the nursing home was set up to care for widowed Jewish elders. 13 years ago, its council invested 400 million US dollars (half from low-interest loan supported by the government and another half from private donors) to reconstruct the nursing home. It aims to build a community offering medical and nursing services to elders who are able or partly able to self-care, who have disabilities or dementia.

The services include home care, institutional care, off-hospital recovery, hospice care, etc. Currently, this community has 800 staff caring 700 elders. After his visit, Dr. Liu concluded his overall impression on this community with one word “sunny”. It has “sunny” facilities, as all the buildings have been designed to allow the elders to stay close to nature along with a home atmosphere. It also has “sunny” environment, as the sunshine of love has lit up every corner of the library, the canteen, the meeting room, the garden, the gym, the swimming pool, and so on. The sunshine has even been spread to the “nostalgia therapy”, the “music and dance therapy”, and the details of other services, offering an interactive platform to energetic elders and teenagers and children from nearby schools.

On February 18, 2019, Dr. Liu attended the Appointment Meeting of Non-Party Intellectual Expert Advisory Group of the United Front Work Department of CPC Central Committee and was designated to be a member of the Advisory Board.

During the meeting, the Minister, Mr. You Quan pointed out that the “unconventionality” of a non-party intellectual was advantageous. He also emphasized that non-party intellectuals should develop a comprehensive understanding of the national conditions and propose reasonable suggestions based on their respective professions. Shi Yigong, Li Daokui, Tang Min, and other experts shared their precious experience in answering questions like how to combine international experience and national features firmly, how to grasp the policy spirit thoroughly, how to find out the spot of breakthrough and start right, how to improve the suggestion quality, etc. Dr. Liu has been greatly inspired and said he would shoulder his duty to continuously contribute his intelligence and power to the nation for its prosperity and rejuvenation.

On February 23, 2019, Dr. Liu was invited to attend the 6th Oxford China Forum (OCF) at the University of Oxford. Established in 2013, OCF is one of the biggest Chinese forum in the UK. The Forum aims to provide students, scholars, and elites from all over the UK with the latest perspective in Chinese politics, economics, and cultural, as well as to discuss the progress direction and challenges of China profoundly. The topic of this Forum is “China’s 14 Billion Heartbeats”, including seven sections: film, foreign economics, public health, literature, science and technology, art, and feminism. In the section of public health, Dr. Liu shared his insights on the achievements and challenges of China’s public health reform.

On February 24, 2019, invited by the British Embassy in China, Dr. Liu visited the Centre for Disease Control and Medical Education in the UK. Dr. Liu was impressed by the operation mode of the Centre. Over one-third of the operational fund is generated by a 20-people Business Development team, which earns its revenue from patents and services. Yvonne, the Head of this Centre, is empowered to appoint a local public health officer whose salary is paid by the local government. In addition, Yvonne is also a member of the Council of National Health Services. Therefore, it is ensured that decision-making could be consistent with prevention. Dr. Liu also complimented on the brilliant design of the British taxi. There are no trunks in a taxi but two rows of seats facing each other at the back. One row could be rolled up when necessary, to make some space for luggage or allow wheelchairs to enter the car smoothly through an automatic telescopic ladder, making it easy and troubleless for people who are disabled.

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