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Volunteers & Interns from 38 top universities of the U.S.and China 





Our Team

What to Expect


Here, volunteers can join the Friends of Summit Community where convenes past volunteers/interns who are working in top  companies and international  organizations. They can also make connections with influential Board of Directors and Annual Summit Speakers
Qualified volunteer/intern will gain opportunity to join the Annual Summit; Periodic seniors and interactions with healthcare experts enable volunteers/interns an over-around perspectives of U.S. and China's healthcare industry.



Honor certificate and reference opportunity for successful completion of volunteer/internship program.

Hear from Our Volunteers

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Shutong Huo

Master of Public Health Policy Direction,Yale University; Ph.D. Candidate of Global Health (2020 Fall), University of California

First of all, I have gained much knowledge as well as working experience from the past five months. And the experience of “playing a whole game” amid the pandemic is useful for encountering similar incidents in the future. At the same time, working as a volunteer can apply professional knowledge to actual pandemic analysis, which makes the experience a practical opportunity. I feel very lucky to be able to participate in volunteer activities and hope that more and more friends can join us. 


The U.S.-China Health Summit is looking for volunteers. If you would love to network with brilliant people and teams building out the future of health, aim to make changes to the health industry, and hope to learn more about the relationship between the U.S. and China health industries, apply to our volunteer programs today!


Marketing Team

  • Create content for marketing materials

  • Develop and maintain U.S.-China     Health Summit’s marketing channels

  • Participate in other promotion activities

  • Write, edit and publish news articles (in English and Chinese)

  • Manage the Summit's WeChat, website, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and MailChimp accounts


Technological Team

  • Maintain and update our website using Wix (UI/UX experience preferred)

  • Design brochure, agenda, and other printed materials for the summit

  • Support graphic design for media, marketing/promotion and operation group


Outreach Team

  • Maintain and update the list of panel judges for the YHIF competition

  • Look for partnership opportunities with universities, venture capitals, incubators, law firms, and governments in health sectors

  • Maintain the relationship with our sponsors


Operation Team

  • Manage the logistics of the competing teams

  • Assist in the process of selecting finalists and winners

  • Coordinating venues, and supplies for the summit and competitions

  • Maintain relationship with teams and assist in scheduling

Behind the Scenes

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