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This Figure has Direct Correlation to Mortality

“In the past 20 years, whether in the West or Asia, whether children or adults, figures of both weight and Body Mass Index (BMI) are soaring and this has direct correlation to mortality.”

Lilach O. Lerman, Professor of Medicine and Physiology in the Mayo Medical School; Director of the Renovascular Research Laboratory, and Head of the Nephrology Research Unit at the Division of Nephrology & Hypertension at Mayo Clinic

"The Obesity Epidemic: Weight and Beyond"

Two unignorable Figures

“Many people think obesity just means body weight exceeds the standard. In fact, obesity is related to BMI and the waist -hip ratio.” Lilach O. Lerman points out that some people may have normal body weight but have much abdominal fat, which indicates an unhealthy metabolism and is mainly caused by sedentary and bad habits.

The increase in waist-hip ratio leads to a higher mortality rate, because obesity will increase the circulating blood volume, cause endothelial function disorder, and damage the endothelium of blood vessels, thus affect blood sugar and insulin levels and increase the incidence of hypertension, diabetes and dyslipidemia.

In a 40-year-long follow-up survey of the obese crowd, Lilach O. Lerman finds that BMI is directly related to mortality, and people with higher BMI during adolescence are more likely to die from cardiovascular disease in adulthood.

Failed to Lose Weight Again?Here are Advice from Mayo Clinic Experts

Why do we always fail to lose weight? Lilach O. Lerman believes that we need a more structured approach to help achieve this goal.

Through diet adjustment and exercise, the continuous improvement of vasodilation function will be observed after one year; but once you stop, previous benefits will slowly disappear. Lilach O. Lerman discovers this in six weeks after training obese adolescents to improve their vascular endothelial functions.

She shares four key points for healthy weight loss:

First, continuous weight loss requires a reduction in food intake that is closely related to weight gain, but it’s more important to increase intake of rich nutrition;

Second, any form of regular exercise is the important component of a healthy life;

Third, there must be frequent monitoring. We need to monitor our body weight and body fat through smart health management equipment;

Last, we also need experts to provide personalized advice and instructions, preferably to form a certain incentive mechanism.

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