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Young Health Innovators Forum 2017 competition is open for application! 



As part of the annual U.S.-China Health Summit, YHIF runs preliminary competition rounds in Boston and Beijing. Four finalists from each region will participate in the final competition at the Summit, which will take place in Beijing from September 23-24 this year. 




YHIF Boston finalists will be eligible to:


  • win a $2,500 travel grant per team to attend the final round of YHIF 2017 in Beijing and the 7th U.S.-China Health Summit on Sept.23-24

  • present your innovation project to business investors and healthcare leaders in Boston and Beijing, and get mentorship and investment chances

  • gain a 6-month pass to Canopy City, and work in this fantastic incubator & coworking space for your startups


Who should apply:

We welcome ideas from biotechnology, connected health, mobile health, therapeutics, diagnostics, drug development medical devices, health-related social enterprises, and other related fields. Ideas/start-ups at all stages are welcome to apply. In order to motivate young generations' contribution to health innovation, we require at least one of your team members was born after January 1, 1977. 


How to apply:

Please complete an online application form here: 





Submission Deadline:

Final Deadline: Friday July 7, 2017

Suggested Deadline: Friday June 23, 2017 (Submitted projects will be reviewed on a rolling basis after June 23) 

​​ ​


Please contact


Interested in becoming a case-review judge for the competition?


Please apply by clicking here



We look forward to hearing from you!

July 7


Online Application Deadline

July 14-20


Notification of 12 Presenting Teams

August 5


Boston Preliminary Competition

September 23-24


Finalists compete in YHIF Final in Beijing

What is Young Health Innovators Forum (YHIF)?

The mission of the U.S.-China Health Innovators Forum (YHIF) is to encourage and assist young entrepreneurs and professionals to develop innovative solutions for unmet needs in the global healthcare ecosystem. Click here to read more.

Past YHIFs

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