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Our volunteer program is designed to offer volunteers a hands-on learning experience by providing them with maximum exposure to the U.S and China healthcare community. Volunteers are assigned to work in one of the organizing teams. Throughout the program, volunteers have the opportunity to network with other healthcare leaders, develop professional skills,  team up with other healthcare enthusiasts, and learn about the industrial updates of the U.S. and China health industries.


















•    Strong leadership and communication skills
•    Excellent teammates and friendship
•    Polished resume which prepares you for future career
•    Opportunities to network with healthcare industry leaders
•    Knowledge about health industries in both U.S. and China
•    Honor Certificate for successful completion of our volunteer program


































Marketing/Promotion Team ( 2-3 )
•    Create content and design for marketing materials

•    Assist to promote the Summit through workshops, conferences, and booths, etc.

•    Write, edit and publish news articles on the Summit's social media accounts

•    Participate in photography, video recording, and video editing.

•    Maintain and update the Summit's website

Operation Team ( 3-4 )

•    Research and book hotels, transportations, prints, and souvenirs

•    Assist daily operation of the Summit

•    Coordinating venues, and supplies for the summit and competitions

•    Manage the logistics of the competing teams 

•    Arrange tours for attendees

Outreach Team ( 5-7 )

•    Reach out to potential biotech and healthcare startups 

•    Assist in the process of selecting finalists and winners for the Innovation Competition

•    Maintain and update the list of panel judges for the Innovation Competition

•    Develop and maintain relationships with sponsors

•    Look for partnership opportunities with universities, venture capitals, incubators, law firms, and governments in health sectors






Apply Now

Zhang Xue

"Here I enjoy working and having inspiring conversations with other amazing people".


Chen Xiaoxi

"YHIF had a profound influence on my future career. It taught me to think over, do my best, and reflect often on myself".



Wang Qiang

"The volunteer experience benefits me a lot. It broadened my horizon and enriched my knowledge about bioscience and biopharmaceutical industry".


Zhang Yang

"YHIF brought me cutting-edge information about the U.S and China healthcare industry. As an entrepreneur-minded person, I've gained a lot of inspirations".


Yiming Xie

"The gift that YHIF endowed me is not only the enhancement of personal abilities but mentors and life-long friends who can accompany me along the way". 


We are recruiting volunteers on a rolling basis. 

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