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YHIF2017 Boston Competition Semi-Finalist Teams

Akanocure Pharmaceuticals
Akanocure is introducing second generation small molecules (SGSM) for orphan and unmet needs in cancer. The SGSM AK-321 has the affinities and elicit the protein-protein interaction modulation of macromolecules while retaining the high tumor permeability of small molecules. Through our Chiral Carbon Catalog platform, synthesis and adequate supply of the structurally complex AK-321 is ensured. Akanocure is targeting ovarian cancer as AK-321 is effective in the pico-molar range, is 8000 times more potent than taxol in drug resistant cell-lines, produces synergistic effect if combined with DNA damaging agents, and inhibits (in-vitro) cellular processes involved in cancer invasiveness, metastasis, and relapse.

CartilaGen Biomedical
CartilaGen is a pre-clinical stage biomedical company, developing novel, disease modifying therapeutics with an initial focus on cartilage injury and osteoarthritis. Also, our platform “smart” biomaterial technology is positioned to be developed into targeted drug delivery system, tissue filler, and biological implants to treat a diverse range of tissue damage. Our key product Tylcerra is an injectable drug-loaded biomaterial with strong pre-clinical in vitro and in vivo data supporting rapid, sustained effect to prevent post-traumatic osteoarthritis and back pain with low cost and ease of administration, which is ready for Phase-I clinical trial and favors FDA PMA (Pre-market approval) clearance.

Cellanyx’s “biopsy-on-a-chip” technology is powered by its proprietary breakthrough approach to rapidly and efficiently culture live biopsy cells from a patient’s primary tumor or other biopsy sample. Given the advantage of live biopsy cells, Cellanyx quantifies cellular behavior by analyzing dynamic and static molecular, cellular and biophysical phenotypic markers of living primary biopsy cells with single cell resolution.  Cellanyx’s live biopsy cell phenotypic platform leverages microfluidics, high-content microscopy, advanced machine vision, and machine learning / artificial intelligence technologies.

The current standard of administration for biologics is burdensome, intravenous (IV) infusion diluted to low concentrations, which can take hours to deliver. Subcutaneous (SC) delivery by syringe injection is preferred, however, constraints on delivery volume (1.5-2.0 mL) often necessitate high concentrations. Unfortunately, viscosities beyond the accepted injection limit (50 cP) are typical when concentrations exceed 100 mg/mL. Attempts to reformulate have had modest success and can be destructive to the biologic. Elektrofi's proprietary delivery platform uniquely delivers concentrations >500 mg/mL while preserving full bioactivity. Elektrofi’s drug delivery technology offers significant advantages to patients, healthcare providers, payers, and pharmaceutical developers.

Every 1.8 seconds, someone dies from a heart attack. To date, we still don’t have a convenient diagnostic method and that is why MobioSense developed HERO: a portable & affordable device combining ultra-sensitive Troponin + HS-CRP and proBNP for detecting and monitoring heart attacks. With our patented semiconductor tech, HERO is an "anywhere, anytime" biochip for heart attacks with just 1 drop of fingerstick blood, giving results 100x more sensitive in < 10 minutes and >70% reduction in cost. HERO shows real-time heart condition with accurate numbers, providing doctors a quantifying tool to reduce life-threatening heart attacks

NeuroLex Laboratories
NeuroLex Labs is a seed-stage diagnostics company applying speech analysis to detect various health conditions early, before full-blown symptoms occur. Our core vision is to pioneer a universal voice test, like a blood test with extracted features and reference ranges, for use in primary care to refer patients to specialists faster. Over the past year we have launched 13 research pilots, grown our team to 8 people, and are preparing for a consumer product launch Q1 2018.

Nonspec makes an adjustable prosthetic limb kit that can be rapidly fit to any patient. We offer a high quality device for a fraction of the current cost to ensure that patients have control of their own outcomes and can always keep walking.

Orphidia Inc.
Orphidia is developing a marketplace platform for on-demand lab tests. Our portable system can simultaneously run all the common lab tests for liver, kidney, cardiac, thyroid, and hormone levels with results provided within 20 minutes. Our technology enables faster, easier testing to find and treat disease earlier and at significantly lower cost. Orphidia's technology will change healthcare, expanding access to testing globally and enabling the practice of medicine to become truly information based.

TopTech Genomics
The implantation rate per cycle for in-vitro-fertilization (IVF) is around 20-30%. Multiple failed cycles can be costly and harmful to the mothers-to-be. Higher success rate is highly desirable to consumers, as well as to IVF clinics. It is estimated that this market is around RMB 50 billion in China each year and keeps growing. The partial abolishment of one-child-policy in china will cause this market to surge further. Our cutting-edge genetic testing method will significantly increase the success rate and at the same time screen hundreds of heritable diseases. Our technology will set new standards for IVF industry.

Twiage is an award-winning communication and care coordination technology for ambulances and hospitals to accelerates life-saving care. By providing hospitals with rich situational awareness of their inbound patients, Twiage empowers hospitals to accurately predict patient arrival and prioritize resources, which improves emergency room efficiency and patient outcomes. Twiage has 18 hospital clients, 65 EMS agencies, and has transported over 45,000 emergency patients. Twiage has received the innovation awards from Pulse @ MassChallenge, the American Medical Association, the American Heart Association and Cleveland Clinic Innovations over the last two years.

XenoTherapeutics is focused on the adaptation, development, and application of 30 years of research in xenotransplantation. Initially targeting burn wounds with our product Xeno-Skin as a first-in-man, pilot trial, we will be in the clinic by 2018. With partners such as the Mayo Clinic, Massachusetts General Hospital, and Boston Translational, XenoTherapeutics hopes to bring xenotransplantation to the general population as quickly and safely as possible.

Z Imaging Inc.
Surgeons performing image-guided procedures view medical scans on 2D monitors in the operating room, which distracts them from the patient and makes surgeries slower and riskier. Z Imaging uses augmented reality to let surgeons virtually see inside of their patients and provides step-by-step visual guidance and real-time feedback to make image-guided surgeries dramatically safer and faster.

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