YHIF2017 Team

U.S.-China Health Summit has a young, passionate and professional team.

Thanks to our volunteers for the success of YHIF2017:

Group Leaders

Yaqing (Tyler) Tang

I am the Program Manager of U.S.-China Health Summit.I hold a master degree from Boston University School of Public Health in 2016 and has a mixed background of business, information systems, and public health. I am passionate about improving both the U.S. and China health systems and helping people improve life quality through healthcare innovations. 

"'The greater the struggle, the more glorious the triumph.' Although the process of preparing for YHIF2017 was a big challenge, we were able to overcome the difficulties and succeeded as a team. The success of this event brought me growth, confidence, and friendship. "

Hailing Yang

I graduated from Wuhan University, China, with a B.S. in biology and received a Ph.D. in Cellular and Molecular Physiology from Tufts University. Currently, I worked at Decision Resources Group as an analyst, focusing on psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis markets. 

"As the outreach and competition group leader of YHIF2017, I have been impressed with the enthusiasm and dedication of my peer volunteers, of which many become great new friends. I have gained tremendous leadership experience and become more confident to face challenging tasks in my future career."


Qiaoxi Chen

I am a recent graduate of Boston University. I believe that only go through hardships, can reach the stars. 

"Thanks to U.S.- China Health Summit and YHIF, I have got this opportunity working with a group of outstanding and enthusiastic team members, dedicating in looking for young innovators who are working to solve the unmet problems in the healthcare industry."

Yama Chen

I am currently in Master of Regulatory Affairs for Drugs, Biologics and Medical Devices in Northeastern University.  I have six years experience in equity exchange, she assisted several Chinese corporations in financing over US$ 1.2 billion of equity exchanging. It was a great experience to work for U.S-China Summit, and I am honored to witness YHIF2017, which is such an innovative competition.

"It was a great experience to work for U.S-China Summit, and I am honored to witness YHIF2017, which is such an innovative competition."

Zhifeng Chen

I am a 5th year PhD student majoring in Chemical Engineering and working on nanomaterial related projects. I am very interested in the application of nanotechnology in health care field.

"YHIF is really a great competition which showcase the innovations in healthcare from young people. I learned a lot and really want to be part of the healthcare innovation."

Yu Cheng

I am an independent investor.

"YHIF is a spectacular platform to exchange ideas and wisdom. well organized and coordinated volunteer team was one of the essential reasons why YHIF could be that much success this year and it was my huge honor to be part of the glory. we built up the much more solid relationship with attended guests and promote ourselves to the next level of communication."

Yinan Jia

I am a registered Dietitian, Master Science in Nutritional Epidemiology and Master of Public Health from Tufts University.

"YHIF team has been professional and efficient. It’s great to meet like-minded people, learn new technologies and skills, and obtain leadership experience. "

Mark Lay

I am a 2nd year PhD student of Neuroscience at Johns Hopkins University. I grew up in Irvine, California and I like to hike and read. My favorite place to travel is New Zealand.

"YHIF is an amazing gathering of motivated startup entrepreneurs and judges with deep understanding of healthcare challenges. The energy from the attendees is very inspiring."

Claire Li

I am a Northeastern University senior with a pursue in Media and Screen Studies and a minor in biology. I am currently working full-time at Harvard School of Public Health where I assists the METS teams with media
services and video production.

"I plan to assist the YHIF team from two aspects: media production and translation. Judging from my experience as a part-volunteer and part-attendee at YHIF, I believe YHIF accomplished great success with exceptional organization skills. "

Ningjing Lin

I am a student of Northeastern University. This is the second year I worked for YHIF as a volunteer. Last year I worked for the Operation team, which was responsible for planning and executing the competition. This year I worked for the Competition team, which was responsible for organizing and managing the candidates. 

"Working for YHIF allowes me to know a lot of excellent volunteers. Also, the experiences of working in different teams also enabled me to improve my organizational skills and communication skills. "

Chujun Lu

I am a grad student studying Advertising at Boston University. I like traveling, listening to music, photography and working out at the gym. In the past 11 months in the States, I kept exploring new cultures, trying new things and chatting with people from different backgrounds. 

"I am glad that this year I got the chance to help manage YHIF social channels. It's great for me to learn about the syntax, mechanism, advertising system and functions, as they're new for me, of Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn."

Jintan Shao

I am a senior student of Wheaton College. My major is Biochemistry. I am from Shanghai, China. I like making friends a lot.

"YHIF team is strong and warm. I am so happy that I have joined the team. Our team members are very nice and hardworking. The start-up teams this year are very talented and qualified. These all led to the success of YHIF2017."

Qiang Wang

I am a Ph.D. candidate in Biomedical Science (focuses on Molecular Parasitology) with a special interest in transferrable biomedical research.  Prior joining the Ph.D. program at Tufts University, I earned a Bachelor’s degree in Veterinary Medicine and worked as a medical information communicator for Pfizer in China.

"YHIF is a great platform for healthcare innovators across the world to showcase their innovative ideas or products. They could also build networks and relationships with elite professionals, investors and mentors."

Yiming (Dora) Xie

I am a student of Boston College. I believe that only specific and persistence can make every drop of sweat count. I constantly look for new experience to enrich my life and I believe amazing things will happen when you have an open heart to see the world. How lucky I am that I still a lot need to learn.

"YHIF fulfilled my first year in Boston. Thank YHIF and the Summit for providing me such a great opportunity to further exercise my communication skill both internally and externally. With our team members, I can see much of merits that I can learn and we became best friends as well!"

Yang Yang

I worked as a laboratory technician for three years before studying at NEU. My past work makes me understand the significance of pre-diagnosis. It also required me to be on top of communication. I’ll graduate in this coming September majoring Leadership. I’m expecting a management job in companies that produce or sell medical devices.

"The presented twelve results of YHIF2017 informed the audiences new medical technologies and information.  Also, I’ve gained experience and learned the importance of teamwork in YHIF. The success of YHIF2017 relied on the collaboration and hard work of all members and volunteers."

Qianyu Yuan

I am a PhD candidate in Population Health Science with an interest in human genetic variation. My research work focus on the association between omic data and lung cancer, with experience in large scale data analysis. I hope to bring my expertise into future biotechnology innovation.

"YHIF is an extraordinary platform. As an audience, I was deeply inspired by the creative ideas in healthcare fields of startups. As a volunteer, I was highly motivated by the energy of this diverse, active and supportive volunteer team."

Yang Zhang

I am a recent master graduate from Boston University, majoring in Economics. I found my passion for health-related industries while I was studying my master’s degree at BU, and I’ve done several related projects and internships. I’m very dedicated to applying the economics knowledge I’ve learnt to health industries, making an impact on health industries both in America and China.

"YHIF has greatly broadened my horizon and brought the heated topics and trends within the industry. Specifically, as an entrepreneurial person, I’ve gained the most benefit from listening to the excellent 12 pitches from the participating startup teams this year."

Zixuan (Tom) Zhang

I am interested about solving technology issues. I work at a startup company to build quantitative trading system. I am very passionate about medical/health market in the world. I look forward to applying my knowledge into it. 


"YHIF is the best place for all the young innovators meet together and share their ideas. Startups here can learn from one another, share their idea and product with the potential market, and maybe even change the health system in the world. "

We are always looking for talented people to join our team. Click here to learn more about our volunteer program.