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Healthy China Initiative

In 2016, the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the State Council issued the Outline of the Healthy China 2030 Plan and put forward the goals and tasks of building a healthy China.

Recently, to accelerate the implementation of the Healthy China Initiative and improve the population health, the State Council issued The Implementation of the Healthy China Initiative Guidelines which includes Three Main Tasks and 15 Special Campaigns, and Implementation and Evaluation of the Healthy China Initiative Plan. At the same time, the General Office of the State Council issued Circular of Forming Healthy China Initiative Promotion Committee to announce the establishment of the Promotion Committee and issued the Healthy China Initiative (2019-2030) as the implementation and strategic deployment of Healthy China 2030 Initiative.


1. Background

With the acceleration of industrialization, urbanization and population aging, the methods of production, lifestyle and disease spectrum of Chinese residents are constantly changing.


2. General Requirements

2.1 Guiding Ideology

  • Shifting from reactive to proactive care

  • Establishing and improving the health education system

  • Strengthening early intervention

  • Integrated and life course approach to ensure health

2.2 Principles

  • Popularizing health knowledge and strengthening health literacy

  • Improving health education according to characteristics of different populations.

  • Self-discipline, healthy lifestyles

  • Advocating that everyone is the first person responsible for their health

  • Healthy methods of production and healthy lifestyles

  • Early intervention, promoted service

  • Taking effective interventions as early as possible on major health issues and influencing factors

  • Universal participation, Multi-sectoral collaboration

  • Strengthening cross-departmental collaboration

  • Active leadership of government, wide mobilization of society, broad participation of the public.

​2.3 Overall Goals


3. Three Main Tasks

Task 1: Comprehensive Intervention in Health Influencing Factors

Task 2: Life-course Health

Task 3: Prevention & Control of Major Disease


4. Organization and Implementation

4.1 Strengthening Organizational Leadership & Establishing A Sound Organizational Structure

  • State: Forming Healthy China Initiative Promotion Committee

  • ​Main Duty:

  • Refining the indicators and division of 15 special campaigns.

  • Deploying the main tasks, coordinating and pushing the implementation of relevant departments in various regions according to annual research.

  • Supervision and evaluation.

  • Editing and perfecting Healthy China Initiative (2019-2030) based on the change of disease spectrum and medical progress.

  • Leadership:

  • Director and Members

  • Special Action Teams: they are under the promotion committee and responsible for the specific implementation and supervision of special campaigns.

  • Expert Consultation Panel: It's affiliated to the promotion committee and responsible for providing immediate support for action implementation.

  • Regional: All (autonomous regions, municipalities) set up their coordinated deliberative organizations.

  • Related Departments: Promoting the implementation of main tasks according to the division of responsibilities.

4.2 Supervision & Evaluation

4.3 Extensive Participation

  • Personal Healthy Responsibility

  • Encouraging individuals and families to actively participate, take their personal healthy responsibilities, and develop healthy lifestyles.

  • Social Fund-raising

  • Encouraging social fund-raising and establishing a Healthy China Initiative foundation in accordance with the law.

  • Organization Guidance

  • Encouraging health and health related industry associations, group organizations and social organizations to guide and promote scientific popularization.

  • Financial Healthy Services

  • Encouraging financial institutions to innovate health products and services.

  • Products Development

  • Encouraging enterprises to develop products that meet demands and increase supplies.

  • Healthy Environment

  • Encouraging institutions to make full use of resources and actively participate in healthy environment construction.

4.4 Promoting Support System

  • Strengthening public health system construction and personnel training.

  • Strengthening financial support.

  • Strengthening scientific and technical support.

  • Improving relevant legal systems and regulations, conducting policy review.

  • Strengthening information support.

4.5 Focus on Publicity and Media Guidance

  • Government conducts multi-form publicity and releases policy interpretation.

  • Compiling health-related reading materials and literary works for the public.

  • Strengthening scientific guidance and typical reporting.

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