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Standardizing Management to Promote Hospital Innovation and Development

In Fudan University’s China's Best Specialist Reputation and Best Hospital Ranking, West China Hospital ranks second in the whole country for eight consecutive years; in Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences’ Chinese Hospital Science and Technology Impact Ranking, West China Hospital stays No.1 in the overall ranking for four consecutive years. Li Weimin, the president of West China Hospital, Sichuan University, introduced the development journey of West China Hospital at the “Hospital CEO's Forum” session of the 8th U.S.-China Health Summit.

LI Weimin, President, West China Hospital, Sichuan University

"Standardizing Management to Promote Hospital Innovation and Development"

Establishing 85 Standardized Management Processes in One Year

Standardized management is critical to the hospital. Li Weimin suggested that West China Hospital identified the focus and theme of this year's work as “standardized management”. In the past, the hospital has made great efforts in technical standards, such as carrying out evidence-based medical services according to clinical diagnosis and treatment guidelines, clinical pathways, and expert consensus.

However, the establishment of standardization is not limited to the technical level; more importantly, it is crucial to establishing a standard service process and standard management system. For example, when a patient is admitted to the hospital, the hospital should adopt a standardized process for the patient to enable him/her to have a full understanding of the hospital environment and the disease, thereby enhancing the patient's trust in the hospital and helping him/her feel less nervous. As a result, patient satisfaction will be enhanced, and the effectiveness of medical services will be improved as well.

Li Weimin exemplified that through standardized disease management, including admission registration, waiting, and considerations as well as procedures before hospitalization, every process will have standardized process management, which can shorten the waiting time before surgery. Considerations for post-operation and discharge, follow-ups after discharge, and medications used should all be standardized.

After promoting standardized management, West China Hospital has sorted out 85 standardized management processes and 73 standardized disease management systems in 36 clinical departments this year. Through the standardization of management systems of medical treatment, medical teaching and scientific research, the quality and safety of health care will be comprehensively improved.

Constructing the Incentive-Oriented Talent Management Mechanism

Scientific research is the key to strengthen hospitals further. Li Weimin introduced that West China Hospital has been adhering to the strategy of "Strengthening the Hospital through Scientific Research " and has spent more efforts in talent introduction and scientific research platform construction. A large number of outstanding professionals have been introduced from abroad, and this has also built up a better platform for scientific research. Therefore, West China Hospital has got full score and ranked first in the aspect of scientific research in Fudan University’s China's Best Hospital Ranking for eight consecutive years and ranked first in the Hospital Science and Technology Impact Ranking for four consecutive years.

"Talents are the most important in subject building, medical quality and safety, and hospital brand building. Therefore, we should stimulate everyone's vitality, make good use of talents, and develop them." President Li Weimin said that West China Hospital has constructed an incentive-oriented talent management mechanism to mobilize everyone's enthusiasm. This includes: the high-level talents support project, in which high-level talents could lead the team to develop further; the youth talent training project, in which outstanding young talents could grow up to subject leaders; the overseas outstanding youth developing project, in which young excellent doctors are sent abroad to receive further training in clinical, scientific research, medical education and other aspects.

Developing Primary Hospitals to the “Branches of West China Hospital”

The patients could see the experts from West China Hospital and residents could enjoy the high-quality medical services in their neighborhood. To establish the “Associated Medical Union” is an important way for West China Hospital as a "national team" to distribute high quality medical resources to primary levels.

The so-called associated medical union is mainly to realize the associated management in operation, technology, and talent by strengthening the close connection between the third-level hospitals and primary hospitals and therefore to help the medicine and health development in the primary areas, especially in ethnic regions.

Li Weimin talked about the example of West China Hospital helping Mabian County People's Hospital in the Yi Ethnic Region. In this region, a big population lives in poverty and the medical services are in low quality. West China Hospital has sent a team of experts to support them, sent professors and associate professors to serve as the presidents and vice-presidents of those primary hospitals, and sent technical teams according to the needs of the hospitals. West China Hospital is helping local hospitals improve their medical technology in a way that combines online and on-the-spot methods. Therefore, the number of patients visiting primary hospitals would increase and patients could get standardized diagnosis and treatment from greater hospitals in their county hospitals.

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