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Managing a Hospital should Learn from Managing an Airport

How to innovate the management of public hospitals? "The stones of other mountains can be used to polish the jade." Tang Jinhai cited this saying.

At the “Hospital CEO's Forum” session of the 8th U.S.-China Health Summit, President Tang Jinhai shared Jiangsu Provincial People's Hospital’s experience of innovative hospital management based on “airport’s two-way service model”.

TANG Jinhai, President, Jiangsu Provincial People’s Hospital

"The Operation and Development of Public Hospitals"

Promote Innovative Hospital Management with the bidirectional Service model of an Airport

"An airport can accommodate dozens of airlines at the same time, as well as hundreds of pilots. The airport platform handles everything well. By contrast, doctors in the hospital need to perform multiple operations in a row, and they have to continue if there is an emergency. Finally, they may get exhausted to lying on the ground, having no time to rest. Therefore, we’ve been thinking about how the hospital should achieve bidirectional service?" said President Tang Jinhai.

Tang claims that to compare the airport with the hospital is because these two organs both have huge and complicated daily crowd flow. Therefore, Jiangsu Provincial People's Hospital draws on airport’s bidirectional service model to innovate hospital management, creating a complete hospital service platform for both patients and medical staff, which gives the hospital a new connotation as a service platform.

The same airport can accept take-off and landing of different airlines. When serving the travelers, the airport also needs to serve the airlines, including the crew well. In the same way, the hospital should serve the medical experts from different departments well while serving the patients. The hospital should become a bidirectional service platform like the airport, strengthen the scientific management of processes, improve the service quality and reduce the cost. The ultimate benefit goes to the public.

The 6000 Special Line System is 24 Hours Online

"First-class hospital management not only needs advanced management theory but also applies the theory to practice." Tang Jinhai exemplified that Jiangsu Provincial People's Hospital established the 6000 emergency platform system to rescue patients in time for 24 hours.

According to Tang, the 6000 Emergency Information System is a special line platform system for emergency trachea cannula managed by the anesthesia department. The medical staff takes a day-and-night shift to ensure the platform system is 24 hours online. When medical staffs in other departments of the hospital encounter cases like sudden respiratory and/or cardiac arrest, they just need to call the 6000 special line. No matter where the patient is, the medical staff managed by the anesthesia department ensures that the cardiopulmonary resuscitation operation will be reached within 5 minutes.

“After the establishment of the 6000 emergency call platform system, the number of related medical malpractice or mistakes in the hospital has dropped significantly.” Tang Jinhai proposed that being responsible for the medical staff and the public is the pursuit of public hospitals.

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