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Large Hospitals should not Become the Center of Medical Services

William Haseltine suggests that large hospitals should not become the center of medical services, and people-oriented integrated healthcare should become the trend.

William Haseltine, Chairman, Board of U.S.-China Health Summit; Founder, Access Health International

"Science & Technologies Empower Healthcare Service DeliveryWilliam Haseltine, Chairman, Board of U.S.-China Health Summit; Founder, Access Health International"

William Haseltine says at the meeting that more than a decade ago, opinion leaders have pointed out that large-scale hospitals would gradually disappearing. He hopes that his colleagues in China can reconsider building large hospitals, which are actually very dangerous. In the event of an infection or epidemic, danger it causes may be even more severe than a nuclear reactor.

William Haseltine believes that, relatively speaking, the advancement of modern technology has made it possible for people-oriented integrated medical services which should be further promoted. Taking surgery as an example, in the past, patients who received gallbladder surgery had to live in the hospital for two weeks and suffered tremendous physical and psychological pains. With advances in technology and improvement in medical tactics, patients with the same disease can go to the hospital for surgery in the morning and come back home in the evening, which reduces the value of the hospital. William Haseltine points out that medical services should provide care to patients through outpatient service. On the other hand, for elderly patients, to treat them at home, provide them with high-quality care, and try not to use the hospital bed is more conducive to improving patient satisfaction.

William Haseltine stresses that we should remember, at any time, that medical technology are methods to enable us to provide better medical and health service security system. Medical services should still be patient-centered, with patient satisfaction being our most important concern.

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