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Differentiation and Integration, Precision and Breakthrough: Experience in Hospital Management

From 2015 to 2016, on the Ranking List of Fudan University Hospital, Henan Provincial People's Hospital rose from 152 to 97, entering the top 100. At the Hospital CEO’s Forum of the 8th U.S.-China Health Summit, Chen Chuanliang, vice president of Henan Provincial People's Hospital, shared the experiences of bring a hundred-year-old hospital to a new top 100 hospital.

CHEN Chuanliang, Vice President, Henan Provincial People's Hospital

Break the tenure policy and adopt selection and appointment system

Chen Chuanliang pointed out, "The key of discipline construction lies in the leader of a department. Only when the director is of competence, public awareness and cohesiveness can the discipline develop and improve. If the director is outstanding, then the discipline will be excellent, and if the discipline is excellent, the hospital will be distinguished as well. Only a world-class leader can bring out a world-class discipline."

"It’s just because the director of a department has a special and significant position in the development of the hospital, the Henan Provincial People's Hospital abandons the seniority-based system, breaks the lifelong tenure of the director, and assesses the director every three years, so that the outstanding get promoted while the mediocre move down." Chen Chuanliang said.

With the elimination of lifelong tenure, the Henan Provincial People's Hospital has achieved breakthroughs and developments. It promoted a group of young cadres and put them in important positions, arousing the entrepreneurial enthusiasm of the middle-level cadres. Through enrollment with competition and the refinement of specialties, the academic level was significantly improved, with doctors occupying over 40% and masters accounting for 32%.

Subdivision of subspecialties enables patients to achieve "precise medical search"

On the basis of traditional specialties, Henan Provincial People's Hospital further subdivided 144 subspecialties.

"One person's energy is limited. It is impossible to achieve proficiency in all kinds of diseases. Through subspecialty grouping, specialization can be realized in different professions, and doctors can choose their own main directions based on their interest and abilities, which is conducive to improving the enthusiasm and professional ability of doctors. For patients, subdividing specialized disease outpatient departments make them more recognizable and enable patients to receive more targeted and professional diagnosis and treatment," Chen Chuanliang stressed.

In addition, the Henan Provincial People's Hospital currently has seven sub-hospitals, including Henan Provincial Cardiovascular Hospital, Henan Eye Hospital, Henan Reproductive Hospital, and Henan Cerebrovascular Hospital. At the same time, it has established a multidiscipline platform with 12 disciplines which includes anesthesia, nursing, cases, imaging, anesthesia, and Chinese medicine.

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