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China Program has Achieved Initial Intent of Cooperation with New Century Healthcare Holding Co. Lim

Dr. Jing Ma, Director of China Program for Health Innovation & Transformation (China PHIT) at Department of Population Medicine (DPM) and President of U.S.-China Health Summit, hosted a visit for e-board members of New Century Healthcare Holding Co. Limited (the “Company”), a leading private pediatric healthcare provider in China, between November 12-14, 2018.

New Century

New Century Healthcare Holding Co. Limited’s e-board

visit Harvard Medical School and Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Institute

The group met with faculty of Harvard Medical School and Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Institute, Boston Children’s Hospital, Atrius Health and toured Harvard-affiliated hospitals and institutions, looking for collaborative opportunities in establishing group-wide evidence-based life-course approach programs.

“DPM emphasizes on supporting research with practical experience and translating research findings for effectiveness treatment and management strategies into practice,” Dr. Ma said.

Since opening its first branch in 2002, the Company has become a listed public-private partnership healthcare group committed to providing high-quality pediatric services with seven branches across China.

In meeting with Dr. Emily Oken, Director of Nutrition of DPM, Xin Hong, Chief Operation Officer and Senior Vice President of the Company, said: “Project Viva led by Dr. Oken is a highly ground-breaking study whose results can be applied in our health care services and guide maternal and child health management in our company.”

“Project Viva shows implications of expectant mom’s behaviors on child’s health,” said Dr. Emily Oken, “It’s ideal that [the Company] could gather health records of a whole family and understand the family dynamic to improve provided care.”

To better learn the primary care delivery system for children, especially premature babies and IVF babies, the group arranged a meeting with Dr. Dan Slater, at Atrius Health. Dr. Slater introduced Well-Child Care Visits guidelines to the group and suggest to use Electronic Medical Record to track children’s growth and development.

The group met with Dr. Dan Slater at Atrius Health

The group also met Dr. Ann Wu and Dr. Allison Galbraith, and visited Boston Children’s Hospital International Health Services.

Xiaofeng Jia said the visit and tour served as inspiration for the Company management in numerous ways, adding that he’d also like to see further cooperation in training and research programs.

The group met The group met with Dr. Ann Wu and Dr. Allison Galbraith

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