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Jason Liu

Director of Innovation Program

Jason Liu currently holds the position Director of Innovation Program. Broadly, he is responsible for managing the development of a platform connecting U.S. healthcare innovations with the China market, reducing the barriers to U.S.-China healthcare innovation collaboration by connecting and building upon the Summit network. Specifically, he is responsible for building and maintaining three primary networks (innovators, investors/partners and experts), facilitating collaborations between the networks, and the organization of programs and events (large and small) associated with each network.

Before assuming his current position, Jason was the Deputy Director of Entrepreneurship in which he assisted in the organization of the Innovation Competitions, hosted the 3rd and 4th competitions as the MC and connected startups with investors and the recent U.S. semifinal winners with a hospital in Sichuan Province China. Before working for the U.S.-China Health Summit, Jason volunteered for every Summit from the 2nd in 2012 to the 7th in 2017 serving in various capacities from logistics to VIP receiving.

Jason received his undergraduate degree from Washington University in St. Louis in 2018, double majoring in Economics and Entrepreneurship. As an undergraduate, he helped organize the first NIX Net Impact Conference, the first sustainable business conference at Washington University. From 2017-2018, Jason was the founder and CEO of a restaurant food delivery service company, Vimi foods, which pre-gauged customer demand, grouped deliveries at set times to concentrated populations such as workplaces to provide the lowest-cost delivery service in the St. Louis area.

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