COVID-19 Relief Global Alliance

To address the challenges of COVID-19 global pandemics, we leverage data and resources to build a platform to coordinate national critical medical supplies, disseminate knowledge and support innovation & research.

A Call from the Alliance

Dear Friends,

I hope you and your loved ones are staying safe and well during this pandemic.

As COVID-19 ravages communities around the globe, we are all acutely aware that this virus knows no borders. Fortunately, American Chinese communities have shown that borders are no impediment to their humanity.

During the initial outbreak of COVID-19 in Wuhan in December 2019, more than 3,000 doctors and nurses were infected due to shortages of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), such as masks, gowns, and gloves. In response, American Chinese communities coordinated with manufacturing and distribution companies to donate massive shipments of PPE to support healthcare workers in Wuhan and Hubei, China.

Now that the COVID-19 pandemic is spreading around the world at lightning speed as China crosses the peak, Chinese citizens are heartbroken to see a similar PPE shortage threatening the lives of frontline healthcare workers in the US and Europe. We are determined and ready to return the human kindness shown to us by the American Chinese community.

As members of the US-China Health Summit, a Massachusetts-registered 501(c)(3) organization, we are calling for the formation of a nation-wide coalition to address the PPE shortage in the US and worldwide by using epidemiological data and cutting-edge technology to predict sharp rises in demand for medical supplies in local communities and prevent shortages in order to protect front-line medical workers in the fight against COVID-19. This coalition will unite numerous organizations and communities to coordinate local and small-scale PPE donation efforts.


We invite you to join us in forming the COVID-19 Relief Global Alliance, which already includes: 

  • Professor Jing Ma, Olivia Cheng, William Haseltine, Yuanli Liu and Steven Wu of U.S.-China Health Summit

  • Professor Yasheng Huang of the MIT COVID-19 Taskforce

  • Kaiyuan Wang of the Governance Institute

  • Dr. Peng Fang, Xiaofeng Zhang, Jane Wu and Dr. Paul McEntire of the Global Green Development Alliance (GLOGDA)

  • Chuck Ng of the Berkeley Chinese Alumni International Association (BCAIA)

  • Meagan Pi of the HumanKindNOW and Vice-President at Google


Our proposed, overarching mission is to solicit donations to support the following activities:

  1. Build a platform to coordinate nationwide information about demand and supply of PPEs and related medical equipment such as ventilators via large information systems. Through epidemiological analysis, we can identify areas that will soon be hit by the pandemic and, as a result, will likely suffer from PPE resource shortages. (Note: In order to avoid potential product quality liability, the Alliance will not handle actual PPE. Procurement and distribution will be handled by HumanKindNOW.)

  2. Coordinate information exchange and mainstream media outreach about the collective efforts against COVID-19 among the American Chinese and Chinese communities;

  3. Support innovation, technologies and policy research, and dialog to help address the global COVID-19 pandemic.


No matter where we live, this global pandemic reminds us that at our core, we're all just human. At this historic moment, we must stand with and for each other, because we will only pull through this by pulling together. This is why we believe this collaboration is the right response at the right time.

Please join us to create the COVID-19 Relief Global Alliance by [calling this number or other action].


Member Organizations

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