YHIF2017 Semi-Finalist Teams:

Akanocure Pharmaceuticals
Introduces second generation small molecules (SGSM) for orphan and unmet needs in cancer

Owns proprietary delivery platform uniquely delivering concentrations >500 mg/mL while preserving full bioactivity

Develops an adjustable prosthetic limb kit that can be rapidly fit to any patient

An award-winning communication and care coordination technology for ambulances and hospitals to accelerates life-saving care

CartilaGen Biomedical
A pre-clinical stage biomedical company developing novel, disease modifying therapeutics with an initial focus on cartilage injury and osteoarthritis

Develops proprietary breakthrough approach to rapidly and efficiently culture live biopsy cells from a patient’s primary tumor or other biopsy sample

Develops HERO, a portable & affordable device for detecting and monitoring heart attack

Orphidia Inc.
Develops a marketplace platform for on-demand lab tests

NeuroLex Laboratories
A seed-stage diagnostics company applying speech analysis to detect various health conditions early, before full-blown symptoms occur

TopTech Genomics
Develops cutting-edge genetic testing method which can screen hundreds of heritable diseases

Z Imaging Inc.
Uses augmented reality to let surgeons virtually see inside of their patients and provides step-by-step visual guidance and real-time feedback

Focuses on the adaptation, development, and application of 30 years of research in xenotransplantation

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YHIF2017 Boston Competition Judge Panel

Olivia Ho Cheng

CEO of Aurora Healthcare US Corp; Board member of U.S.-China Health Summit

Jing Ma

Associate Professor of Brigham & Women’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School ; Secretary-General of U.S.-China Health Summit

Yuanli Liu

Co-founder of U.S.-China Health Summit; PhD, Professor and Dean of PUMC School of Public Health

Roy Wallen

CEO of Directional Healthcare Advisors

Alexander Greene

Cognitive Software Developer of IBM Watson Health Imaging

Grannum Sant

Professor and former Chair of Urology and Urology Residency Program Director at Tufts University School of Medicine

Ajay Sondhi

Founder and CEO of Sentinel Advisors Pte. Ltd. (a boutique corporate advisory firm in Singapore); former Director of Goldman Sachs Asia Private Equity

Lingyun Su

Director of Alibaba Health Research Institute

Rui Zhang

Strategic Partner of German Accelerator Life Science

A big thank you to our partners

Also, thank our preliminary judges for reviewing all the cases:

Grannum Sant, Professor and former Chair of Urology and Urology Residency Program Director at Tufts University School of Medicine

Sunny Tam, PhD Director of Professional Science Master Program in Biotechnology

Roy Wallen, President and CEO of Directional Healthcare Advision, LLC

Angela Wang, Director of Investment and Operations of ZGC Capital Corporation

Mark Wen, Vice Present of International Medical Service Seattle Children's Hospital 

Lynn Yang, Sequoia Capital

Rui ZhangStrategic Partner of German Accelerator Life Science

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