What is Innovation Competition?

As an important session of the U.S.-China Health Summit, Innovation Competition encourages U.S. and China startups to develop innovative solutions to address global health challenges. Each year, we host preliminary competitions in Boston and Beijing. Four finalists of each preliminary competitions will attend the final competition at the annual U.S.–China Health Summit and compete for the final awards. 

Featured Startups

An AI-enabled virtual health assistant that helps users check symptoms and clarify options of care at the moment of sick.
Valera Health
A behavioral health care management startup that developed an app to help clinicians remotely monitor patients with anxiety and depression
A web-based software platform providing a diagnosis of brain cancer with minutes without any surgical intervention and 100% specificity
A clinical-stage biotechnology company developing poly target
therapeutics to address complex aging-associated diseases
Z Imaging
Uses augmented reality to let surgeons virtually see inside of their patients and provides step-by-step visual guidance and real-time feedback
Xeno Therapeutics
Focuses on the adaptation, development, and application of 30 years of research in xenotransplantation
Developed an adjustable prosthetic limb kit that can be rapidly fit to any patient
Developed HERO, a portable & affordable device for detecting and monitoring heart attack
Cam Med
Cam Med aims to improve health outcomes with drug delivery technologies that enable patients to more easily comply with their medication regimens.
BETALIN Therapeutics is a preclinical stage company developing an innovative therapy for diabetes treatment.
Cloud Pharmaceuticals
Cloud Pharmaceuticals is a leader in the burgeoning field of Artificial Intelligence-based drug design.
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 Featured Judges 

BW_2014 Jing Ma.jpg

MA Jing

Director, China Center, Department of Population Medicine, Harvard Medical School & Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Institute

Olivia Ho Cheng.jpg

Olivia Ho. Cheng

Board Member, U.S.-China Health Summit; CEO, Aurora Healthcare Corp.

Jessica Alderman Zeaske.jpeg

Jessica Zeaske

Director, Healthcare Investments

GE Ventures

Shaan Gandhi.jpeg

Shaan Gandhi

Principal at the Longwood Fund

Grannum R Sant.jpeg

Grannum R. Sant

Professor and Former Chair of Urology and Urology Residency Program Director, Tufts University School of Medicine

Ching Shao.png


Senior VP at Porton;

Founder and Director, Beijing Bodun Chongde Charity Investments;

Founder and Director of Network Think Tank;

Vice President, Moganshan Research Institute Expert Advisory Committee;

e Investment Fund

Lingyun Su.jpg

SU Lingyun

Director, Ali Health Research Institute

Xiaokui Zhang.jpeg

ZHANG Xiaokui

Sanofi, Senior Director at Global Bio-Therapeutic

Rui Zhang_edited.jpg


Partner,Emerging Technology Partners LP.

Hailing Yang_edited.jpg

YANG Hailing

Senior Analyst, Decision Resources Group

Alderman Zeaske
Shaan Gandhi
"This competition is a fabulous opportunity for meeting policy makers, hospital administrators and shake their hands"
——Laurence Zhu, Xeno Therapeutics, 2017 Boston Competition Semi-Finalist
"The Summit is a very necessary platform in this juncture of time as China trying to prioritize health as a national strategy." 
—— SU Lingyun, Director-General of  Alibaba Health Research Institute
"To start business in a foreign country with a completely different healthcare system, the Summit is the authority you can look for help."
—— Douvid Mou,Chief Medical Officer, Valera Health
2016 Boston Competition Semi Finalist