Session One

Keynote: Cost Innovation, Preventing  Rare & Common Diseases

George Church

Professor of Genetics,

Harvard Medical School

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Panel: New Frontier in Precision Medicine

Antonio Regalado | Moderator 

Senior Editor for Biomedicine,

MIT Technology Review

Peter Fong | Panelist 

Senior Principal, Flagship Pioneering

Xin He | Panelist 

Founder and Managing Partner, Hyfinity Fund

Founder and Managing Partner, Hyfinity Fund

Alex Wu | Panelist 

Partner, Green Pine Capital Partners

Partner, Green 

Showcase: Cell and Gene Therapy

Michael Fenn | Moderator 

Director, Healthcare & Life Science,

Harvard Innovation Labs

Luhan Yang | Panelist 

Founder & CEO, Qihan Bio;

Co-founder & CSO, eGenesis

Marilyn X. Zhou | Panelist 

CEO, Guangzhou Doublle Bioproduct

Armon Sharei | Panelist 

Founder & CEO, SQZ Biotech